Common Contaminants Our Water Quality Testing Services Identify

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Water is a vital natural resource that we all depend on for our health and daily functions, so making sure the water you drink and use around your home is pure and safe to consume is critical. Water quality testing can reveal contaminants present in your water and help you plan for how to address them.

Common Contaminants Our Water Quality Testing Services Identify

In this post, we want to review a few of the most commonly found water contaminants to help encourage you to have water quality testing done at your home.

  • Bacteria: Numerous pathogens can be carried in water, including E. Coli and coliform bacteria. These pathogens can cause health issues that range in severity from mild discomfort to life-threatening illnesses, making annual water quality testing essential for protecting you and your family.
  • Heavy Metals: Metals like lead and iron can make their way into your drinking water, especially if you live close to industrial facilities or live in a home with older pipes. Consider having water quality testing done when you first move into a home and then every three to five years afterward to help detect heavy metals.
  • Nitrates and Nitrites: These are common contaminants if you live near agricultural facilities since they’re present in many fertilizers and manure. However, they can also come from septic wastewater, so getting water quality testing done to check for them is important, even if you don’t live in an agricultural area.
  • Pesticides and Herbicides: Much like nitrates and nitrites, pesticides and herbicides are most common around agricultural facilities since they’re used to control pests and weeds.

Water quality testing is important for your health and peace of mind, and our team here at Florida Water Professionals is ready to help you feel safe and confident about the water you’re drinking. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of water quality testing or to inquire about how to get your water tested.