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Take steps to improve your health by scheduling drinking water testing services.

When you’re thirsty, do you simply grab a glass and fill it from your kitchen tap? If you’re currently drinking unfiltered tap water, you might want to schedule drinking water testing services to ensure you’re not exposing yourself to potential health hazards. Our team at Florida Water Professionals specializes in drinking water testing throughout Ocala, Florida and surrounding areas, and we highly recommend calling us before reaching for another glass.

Drinking Water Testing in Ocala, Florida

Even if your water looks, tastes, and smells fine to you, there could be all kinds of harmful particles and substances hidden in the water supply. Depending on your local water source, some of these contaminants can include:

    • Microorganisms: Tiny parasites, viruses, and bacteria can sometimes enter the water supply, which can cause unpleasant symptoms and infections if they’re consumed by humans.
    • Chlorine/Chloramines: In an effort to disinfect the water supply and kill microorganisms, many water treatment plants use chlorine or similar products. When different parasites and bacteria are killed, however, the byproducts can still be hazardous to your health over time.
    • Metals: Lead, mercury, and arsenic can leak into your tap water from outdated pipes or plumbing fixtures, which can pose a myriad of health risks.
    • Agricultural Chemicals: Common pesticides and herbicides can sometimes be found in the water supply, and long-term exposure can result in serious health symptoms and illnesses.

If you’re questioning the quality of your home’s water, call us today for drinking water testing services. Our professionals will work quickly to give you the accurate information you need to start making healthier decisions for you and your family.

At Florida Water Professionals, we offer drinking water testing services in Ocala, The Villages, Williston, Lady Lake, Morriston, Marion Oaks, Silver Springs Shores, Belleview, Ocklawaha, and Silver Springs, Florida.